Profitable Betting Strategies – A Complete Guide

Sports Betting Strategies

In This article you will discover 6 Profitable Betting Strategies that you can use TODAY. If you have ever bet a single dollar in sports, you would know that sports betting is a game hinged on clever strategies more than luck.

Even though several newcomers may get first time lucky, betting pros know the secret to achieve steady, consistent profits in the long run is to devise a systematic betting strategy.

Gaining background knowledge on the sport you are betting on is just the first step towards profitable sports betting. If you are a sport betting enthusiast looking for actionable betting strategies instead of following your gut instincts, you are at the right place.

Profitable Betting strates

Why Do You Need A Betting Strategy In Place?

If there was one way to bet, everybody would book a profit and bookmakers would go out of business. But that’s not the case in this unpredictable arena. Betting strategies need to be tailored to the game at hand.

With employable betting strategies, you will be able to manage your budget in a smarter way while ending the day with a decent profit in hand.

  • Long-Term Success

Betting strategies are important if you are a fan of the game and simply want to try your luck with your favourite team. However, betting strategies become even more important when you take up sports betting as a serious business and want to stay in the game for long.

Following gut instincts and carelessly wagering amounts will only suffice you for a short time. On the contrary, betting strategies enable you to make bets based on statistical evidence rather than blindly relying on your intuition.

Long-term success in sports betting equals committing time and sketching out a solid plan which is most likely to create beneficial results for you.

  • An Advantageous Edge

What betting strategies do is, use odds from bookmakers in a way that offers you a slight edge over the bookmaker that you would have otherwise been bereft of.

Any betting pro would tell you how big of a difference this edge makes to the game.

  • Better Budgeting

Saving you from going all in, betting strategies focus on managing your budget in a way that will keep you in the betting game for long.

Over the time, you will be able to identify strategies that work best for you, complement your budget, and satiate your profit and risk goals.

  • Sets You Apart

Once you are equipped with the understanding of what works for you, you will be able to craft a unique model that is simple to follow and is profitable for you. Armed with a unique betting strategy, your approach will be different from others.

This will increase your chances of winning due to the fact that most betting companies are already aware of the popular betting strategies that most people use online.

Hence, they include those strategies in their model beforehand and their system does a great job of dodging them. If you consider sports betting as a serious business, you need to create a unique value proposition for yourself.

How To Get Started With Profitable Betting Strategies?

As we proposed above, making changes to popular betting strategies and devising one of your own Profitable Betting Strategy is a sustainable idea to last the distance. But how do you go about it?

  • Carefully read and understand the various intricacies involved in popular foundation strategies. Many of which you can learn about in this article below.
  • Keep a hand on the pulse of the betting market and the game that you are betting on.
  • Follow trends and check for news reports that are thoroughly researched and backed by solid data.
  • Now that you have read and understood all about the different strategies and followed the trends in the game, your next step is to test them out. Use small stakes and monitor the bets you have placed. With whatever profit or loss your incur, try tweaking your strategy to add or remove variables that will affect the outcome.

Now let’s look at some of the most popularly used betting strategies in the market. Educate yourself on the various types, pick one that excites you or allow a blend of two or three to form the foundation of your final betting strategy.

Last Minute Goal

The last minute goal is a thrilling betting strategy, especially in games where live bets are a thing. It can pick up very high yields for you and also be a lot of fun when you are watching the game live and simultaneously betting.

The clue for this strategy lies in the name itself. You need to place your bet closer to the ending of the game, for example – in the last 10 minutes. The more closer you get to the ending, the higher are the chances of odds.

According to the past history of football games, you will notice a pattern of scoring goals in the last few minutes of the game or even during the extra time. Hence, the odds of a late goal is comparatively high which means you can earn a huge profit even with a small bet.

This strategy works on the basic principle that the losing team has to give in their best in the end and score a goal.

Another way you can use the last minute goal strategy is to bet against the outcome of the game. The odds that a certain result will come decreases as the game closes to the end, however, during the course of this, the other result which no one sees coming gets higher odds.

  • Here’s how it works

For example, a league final is going into overtime and no goal is scored till the very last minute. The odds of a draw reduces to almost 1.1. As a part of a last minute bet, you place a $2 bet against the draw. In this case, even if there is no goal scored till the end, you only have a risk of $2.

But if someone scores a goal by the end, you will make a profit of let’s say $8 – $20. ( depends on the odds of course ) The risk ratio can be about 1:7 as there are only two possible outcomes, either you lose $2 or you win $14. ( again…it depends on the odd )

This strategy is most often used in football games as the result is always unsure until the end of the game and a goal can be scored or received at any point in time. Ever since the 3 points rule came into action, a win is more valuable than a draw and hence teams fight to score a goal until the final whistle blows.

Martingale Strategy

Several betting systems have reviewed Martingale to be one of the best sport betting strategies. The Martingale betting system involves doubling your stakes after every loss so that when you finally win, you would recover all the previous losses and also make a profit that would equal the amount of your first placed bet.

If you start with a $100 bet and you lose it, then you need to double your betting stakes to $200 the next time and so on. This strategy works because ultimately the person with the unlimited bankroll will win.

The downside to this strategy is also pretty evident. If luck doesn’t favour you on a particular day and you plummet into a losing streak, you will have to stake some significantly high amounts of bets to cover the previous losses.

But overall, if you have a fixed betting budget, then the Martingale betting system can get you some decent and consistent profits. But before you try this strategy, you really need to have some profitable betting strategy that you know is working.

This strategy is extremely risky if you don’t know what you are doing!

Matched Betting (Back & Lay Strategy)

If you are looking for a virtually risk-free betting system that works every single time, this is the one you should be eyeing for your next bet. Before starting, bear in mind that this strategy is not suitable for beginners. It needs a certain level of grasp on the betting market and on the football field you are betting on.

The idea is to back bets and then lay them off so that you end up winning no matter what the outcome is. A “back” bet is where you put an amount of stake at a certain amount of the bet which means you are betting “for” something. In a “lay” bet, you do not bet “for” a specific outcome, instead you bet “against” an outcome.

Here’s how it works

First you need to search for a game in which there are chances of scoring a goal in the first half. You can check this by researching the previous game played by that team to check if they have a pattern of scoring at least one goal in the first 45 minutes.

Next, you place a “lay” bet on the “draw” outcome. This means you are betting against the draw and you are betting in favour of either “Team A” or “Team B” winning.

If you offer a 4.5 odd on a stake of €10, you will end up with these 3 possible scenarios:

  • If team A wins, you will win €10.
  • If team B wins, you will win €10.
  • If it’s a draw, you will lose €35. ( €10 stake × 4.5 odds – €10 stake = €35 )

Once the game starts, the next step is to wait until a goal is scored. Once a team scores a goal, the odds on the draw increases, from 4.5 to 6.8.

Now you place a “back” bet on the draw. If you place a stake of €6.62 on the draw, you will end up with a “back” bet profit of €38.40. (€6.62 stake × 6.8 odds – €6.62 stake = €38.40) in case there’s a draw.

If team A wins

You will get €10 from your “lay” bet minus the amount of your “back” bet.
(€10 lay profit – €6.62 back loss = €3.38 profit).

If there’s a draw

Your “back” bet profit will get subtracted from your “lay” bet loss.
(€38.40 back profit – €35 lay loss = €3.4 profit)

Here’s what your final outcome will look like:

  • Team A wins :- €10 – €6.62 = €3.38
  • Team B wins :- €10 – €6.62 = €3.38
  • Draw :- €35 + €38.4 = €3.4

As you can see, the only scenario where you will lose your stake of €35 is when the game draws at 0-0 with no team winning. You may not make a huge amount on a single bet, but if you keep repeating this strategy over and over again, you can surely churn some substantial profits.

Betting Strategy

Double Chance

Simply stated, this strategy doubles your chances of winning by enabling you to bet on two outcomes of the game instead of one. Due to this, the sport you are betting on should have three different outcomes. For example, in football there is a win, a loss and a draw.

Contrary to a regular bet, in a double chance bet, you bet on two outcomes and thus decrease the risk. On the flip side, the resultant odds are also going to be decreased as compared to a regular bet.

Half Time / Full Time Bet

This betting strategy has become increasingly popular over the years. It is another betting variant of the regular half-time bet. In this strategy, you bet on the outcome of the half time result and also on the outcome of the full time result.

The bet only becomes successful if you predict half time standing along with the full time standing correctly.

This strategy is mostly recommended because odds are usually high with this one. Between 10 to 30 odds, the bet on the team winning the first half and losing the full time usually is a predictable scenario.

Hedging Strategy

Hedging is a quite popular strategy to make profits in the stock market. To hedge your betting in a football game, you can place a “back” bet on a team and in case if the team takes the lead, you can place a “lay” bet and bet against the team.

In this way you are hedging against any outcome. Your bet is safe and you will earn money without risk even if the team wins, loses or draws. Let’s take an example,

Imagine a match between Bayern Munich and Dortmund. If you place a lay bet against Dortmund and Munich does not take the lead in the first few minutes, then you can hedge your lay bet with back bet on Dortmund. That’s it. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for the game to end since your bet is hedged against any result the game has.

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The strategies and approaches will differ based on the nature and intricacies of the respective sport, so it’s recommended that beginners stick to a single sporting event and gain a complete understanding of the same, before venturing onto others.

Checkout articles below to discover more tips about sports betting.