MLB Betting Strategies & Advices

Betting advices ( not only MLB Betting strategies ), regardless of sport, are available at the click of a button. In fact, there’s so much advices out there that the internet is saturated with bad advices from people who want to sell you their schemes and courses, promising you they’ll teach you how to make a fortune through betting, but only if you buy their course.

In this article, however, we’re going to stick to the tried and tested basics of betting, which, when done correctly, can help you improve your betting skills a bunch.

Where To Bet – Getting Started

Before learning how to bet it is extremely important to know where you should place your money. There are plenty of unmonitored websites online which claim to be betting sites but don’t pay you any money if you win.

No matter how certain you are about your MLB betting strategies, you will lose money if you choose an unscrupulous bookmaker.

Betting in the US is legal at a federal level, but there are still plenty of states that don’t allow betting and deem it an illegal activity.

States that were quick to unban the activity were New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mississippi, and West Virginia, so if you reside in any of these states, you are in luck.

If not, you should be on the lookout for upcoming bills that want to legalize betting in your state and voice your opinion and your support for such bills.

Some trusted websites that are starting to get a bigger audience in the US are,

Your money is in safe hands if you’re betting through any of these channels.

MLB betting strategies

Types of Bets

There are various types of bets in the MLB that you can take on. Here is a quick rundown of some of them,

  • Moneyline – This is the simplest of all the bets. Through the Moneyline, you bet on the favorite or the underdog to win the game. The numbers next to the team represent the odds. If a team has a number with a minus sign next to it, that team is the favorite and vice versa.

For example, if the Blue Jays are the favorites against the Orioles by a margin of -150, while the Orioles are underdogs by +130, this means that you’ll need to bet $150 on the Blue Jays to win a $100 profit, while, on the other hand, you’ll need to bet $100 on the Orioles in order to win a $130 profit. This, of course, is contingent on your team winning.

  • Spreads – Spread bets are essentially you betting on a team winning or losing by one run. There are different odds for different situations such as winning by two runs or winning by one.

For example, the Boston Red Sox may be favorites to win by -250 but are favorites to win by more than one run by only -150. So, using parlay bets (which we will explain in a second), you can maximize your profit by betting on both, if you’re sure that the Red Sox are going to win.

  • Over/Under – Over/Under bets allow you to bet on the total runs scored in a game, regardless of who is playing. This is especially useful if you don’t know much about the teams that are facing up against each other.

Sportbooks set Over/Under limits on their website and you need to bet on the basis of this number. For example, if the Over/Under value is set at 7.5, and you took the under, the combined score of the game will need to be 7 or lower in order for you to win. If you took the Over, the score will need to be 8 or above.

  • Futures – Future bets are all bets that will happen sometime in the future, such as betting on who will win MVP or the World Series. Since these are longer-term payments you will need to hold out on the payout until the season ends.

Each team comes with its unique odds at the beginning of each season and these odds change throughout the season.

Say the New York Yankees have odds of +5000 to win the World Series, this means that you will have to place a bet of only $100 to get a profit of $5000 if the Yankees win the World Series.

  • Parlays – Parlays are a way to increase your payout by combining two or more bets. You only win the payout if all of your predictions are correct, however. If even one of them is off, you lose the entire bet.

For example, if you decide to bet on three favorites in a parlay type bet with the odds being -210, -200, and -200, you’d win $232.14 by only betting $100. This is a riskier bet though because all three of your bets need to hit in order for you to win.

  • Live Betting – Live betting, as the name suggests, is betting while the game is still running. The game could be down to the sixth inning and you will still be able to place your bet. The odds change quickly so one must select the best time to place the bet.

  • Player Prop Bets – Apart from games, you can also bet on players and their statistical outcomes. For example, you can make an over/under bet on a pitcher’s strikeouts or on a hatter’s end of season batting average.

It is very important to do your research when you’re making bets such as these because there are lots of bases you need to cover. A player’s form, the team they’re going against, the weather, etc. all play an important part in this type of bet.

  • Game Prop Bets – There are also bets that focus on props such as even or odd runs scored, first five-inning score, first to score, total runs + hits + errors, etc.

How Are MLB Odds Set?

MLB Oddsmakers always aim to set the odds in such a way that half the public picks one team, while the other half picks the other. How is this done?

Finding out how oddsmakers set odds and money lines and thinking like an oddsmaker will make you a significantly better bettor because you’ll be able to figure out how the experts weigh one team against another.

Firstly, the oddsmakers use complex algorithms to figure out a general estimate of how two teams face off and which one is likely to win the match and by how much. These algorithms take into account key stat categories such as pitching and batting numbers, and also things such as home-field advantage, injuries, weather, etc.

Now, after this is done, oddsmakers take these odds to a select few professional bettors to see how they react and what changes need to be made in order to find that sweet spot.

If you think like an oddsmaker and create your own lines, strictly on the basis of statistics, it is much more likely that you’ll be able to take advantage of money lines that are a little off.

For example, if the Green Bay Packers are opening at -7 and bets are hugely in their favor, the lines may be moved to -8 or -9 in order to encourage people to bet on the underdog. If you take notice of this, you can place bets at the right time and attain more profit out of your bet.

Bookmakers are constantly trying to one-up bettors, and any MLB betting strategies that provides you an edge is often nullified within a few weeks to shift the odds back to their favor.

MLB betting strategy

How To Bet On Baseball & Win Consistently

In order to win big when betting on the MLB, and to make winning a consistent habit, here are some rules and tips you should follow,

Big Favorites

Betting on the big favorites might seem like the smart thing to do; after all, they’re the favorites for a reason, right? And while this is the logic a lot of beginner betters use when first starting out, it has a lot of risks that one must be aware of.

Firstly, the payout isn’t that big. If you’re betting on a team that is a -150 favorite, that means you’re going to have to bet $150 just to get $100 back.

Secondly, if even one of your favorite bets misses, you stand to lose money. For example, if you bet on three games where the favorites had -300 odds.

If you win the first two, you make $200, but if you lose the third one, you lose the money you just made from the previous two bets, and also another $100 from your pocket.

Weather Changes

Weather has a significant effect on the result of the game. Warmer weather means the ball will carry more; colder weather means the ball will carry less.

The wind also has an effect on how the game will move, so place your bets keeping the weather in mind.


Umpire trends are massively overlooked and can help you make your decision if you don’t know which side to bet on.

For example, in the 2019 season, games officiated by Umpire Lance Barksdale went under 58% of the time, while those officiated by Ted Barrett went under only 45% of the time.

Umpires, quite literally, decide who wins the game so it is important not to overlook umpire trends. HERE YOU CAN CHECKOUT UMPIRE STATS

Pitcher Trends

Pitching is perhaps even more important than hitting when it comes to MLB bets. Looking at a team’s pitching line-up and the splits of all the pitchers is a great way to get insight into the team you want to bet on.

You can also check to see which pitchers perform well under certain situations. There are pitchers who are more successful games while others who are more successful during night games during day games and vice versa.

Overnight Lines

Certain sportsbooks often release their lines quite earlier than most other sportsbooks.

This can help you take early action and advantage of any key happenings that may have taken place the day before the lines were released.

Divisional Underdogs

Each year, divisional teams play each other 19 times, and the underdogs have consistently had positive ROIs, as compared to underdogs of other divisions.

So, it might be prudent to take this information into account and make your bets accordingly.

Comparing Lines

Different sportsbooks have different money lines and it is always a good idea to compare the money lines of different sportsbooks so you can get a clearer picture of how the oddsmakers think the game is going to go.

MLB Betting Strategies MORE TIPS & RESOURCES

If you are really passionate about MLB, you watch games, you know the players, coaches, situations….That can give you sometimes even better prediction than knowing all of team statistics etc.

If you know the situation in the club, you know players form + statistics you can make pretty accurate predictions about upcoming game.

Because remember, Team A can have a winning streak of 5 wins in a row and playing against Team B that have 5 loss in a row. You take a look at statistics and tell yourself this is sure win for Team A.

But maybe Team A is always struggling against Team B. If you watch, or if you have been in sports betting for a while you know the situation where some team win against another good team and everyone things they will surely win their next game, but next game they lose.

So always make sure you check how these 2 teams are playing against each other.

Here are a few more websites that will help you make an informed predictions about upcoming games.

  • USVALUEBETTING – MLB Upcoming betting tips & predictions
  • TEAMRANKINGS – A lot of detailed MLB Stats including over/under ( very good for any MLB betting strategies )
  • STATSALT – Read Previews about Upcoming MLB Games

MLB Bankroll Management

One of the easiest ways to manage money and not succumb to emotions is fixing a number of units that you want to bet per month or per week. One unit can be 1-5% of your paycheck. Then you can decide how many units you want to bet per week.

Say one unit of your bankroll comes down to $10 and you’ve decided to bet 10 units per week; that equals $100 that you’ve kept away for betting. This is important to do because we can often get carried away when on a hot streak.

It may feel like we’re on a roll and should keep betting but it is essential not to do this since a hot streak can turn into a cold streak very quickly, and it won’t take you long for you to lose all the money you made, if not more.

Staying positive and consistent is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when getting into betting, regardless of the sport you’re betting on.

MLB Betting strategies Conclusion

In conclusion, you should keep in mind all the verified places to bet, and all the different types of bets. While it is good to take risks sometimes, these risks should always be calculated and never made based on your emotions alone.

Keep in mind to avoid rookie mistakes such as always betting on the big favorites and also remember to manage your bankroll so that you can keep your finances in order and not get addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes with winning money when betting.

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