Football Index Explained – A Complete Guide

The Football Index is an innovative new sports betting platform, that allows fans to buy shares and own a stake in the performance of their favorite footballers. The concept is similar to global equity markets, the values of the players vary based on the supply and demand from traders.

It’s the first of its kind football stock exchange, Football Index allows fans to make good use of their knowledge of the game. Football fans who know a little about stocks and trading would definitely find this platform interesting.

In this guide, we try to understand exactly what a Football Index is, how it works and how you can use it to make some serious cash.

What Is Football Index?

An innovative trading platform aimed at football enthusiasts, Football Index allows gamers to buy virtual shares in their favorite football players. It is an amazing introduction as it lets fans benefit from their knowledge of the game by giving them a chance to win money. It gives you a chance to bet on the performance of football players.

Football Index is a gaming platform but different from traditional sports betting. Betting on football matches at various gambling sites give short-lived outcomes. This platform operates with all the features of a stock market as traders buy units of football players, build their portfolio and try to make profit by selling these shares. It involves betting on the price of the players that increase with time. This is quite a mix between sports betting and fantasy football.

Football Index is a revolutionary platform offered by BetIndex Ltd., a privately owned gambling operator that has served the industry since 2015. The company holds a license from the Jersey Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. It aims to transform the traditional ‘event’ based outcomes in sports betting.

How Does Football Index Work?

Football Index is much different from the stock market where most people just keep guessing and they have no clue of the stocks. A lot of football fans possess a good knowledge of the game and it is never put to use. Football Index pays off for this knowledge of football. Even a little knowledge gives you big rewards.

As you enter the platform early, you can make bigger profits when more people come and the prices of players rise. You earn a lot of profit when you sell a player after the value has increased.

What makes this platform different from normal sports betting is that you don’t lose the entire bet on a bad day. Here, you lose only a fraction of the value of the player so it is a good alternative to sports betting.

Another thing you should note is that the Football Index has no control over any player’s price and it completely depends on market demand.

How Do You Start A Football Index?

To explore what Football Index has to offer, you can get started by registering an account with the service. Being a gambling platform, it requires you to be over 18 years of age to use it.

Joining the Football Index is pretty simple and straightforward. You can visit the website and click on the ‘Join Now’ option. Next, you enter some basic details about yourself like a valid email address. You can then deposit funds to start buying shares.

A single transaction at Football Index allows buying up to 300 shares on any player. If the player you are interested in ranks higher in the list, you may need more to buy shares.

Football Index greets new players with some amazing offers and promotions. New users also get a settling period with the 7-day risk-free provision. This means you get a full refund for any money you lose within the first seven days of joining.

The minimum deposit amount is £10. This risk-free period helps you get accustomed to the platform. Once you have registered, you can build your portfolio. If you don’t understand which players you should get shares in, the platform helps you.

Every day, they highlight the biggest risers in the market right on the home page. This lets you enjoy the feel of the stock market and view how other traders deal.

How To Make Money On Football Index?

There are various ways to make money on this platform. The primary strategy is to buy low and sell high to make profit. However, there are always other methods available to win more.

Traders generally buy shares of football players whose value they think will increase. This happens either with performance boost over a long period of time or through media buzz about a transfer.

Another way traders use to make money on the Football Index is to buy shares with an intention to earn dividends. The football players on the top of the ‘match day rankings’ and ‘media ranking’ are eligible for a dividend. ( Read here how football index dividends works. )

However, not every match is a part of the ‘match day rankings’ table. It depends on the calibre of matches as well as the amount scheduled for a trading day.

To make money from the main way to earn on the Football Index, that is, buying and selling players, it is important to know how player prices are affected.

When a player’s price increases?

A player’s price can go up when he desires to leave the club, getting more media mentions. This means they get more media dividend. The player can be on a form and may have won some performance buzz for a few consecutive times.

When a player’s price goes down?

A low form is responsible for a drop in a player’s price. He might be suspended or injured. He may have entered into a new agreement so there will be lesser media mentions and transfer rumours about the player.

This means there are less media buzz dividends. It is important to note here that media buzz depends primarily on UK-based media networks and gets points to players depending on whether they appear in content about their skills or transfers. This means squad players get no media buzz.

What are performance dividends?

Football Index constantly monitors the performance of players in the top football leagues including Europa League, Champions League, Premier League and more. The platform has its own scoring matrix that ranks players on the basis of factors like assists and scores.

Match days are also divided into three different categories each having a different rate of dividend on the basis of the number of matches conducted.

Match Day dividends are paid out for the performance of your players on the pitch. Every action the player performs on the pitch is monitored and points are given. These points collect to make their score. The player who scores the highest is the winner and his earning is the dividend.

What are media dividends?

Football Index keeps track of football related news from resources like UK newspapers. Depending on the article mentions, the platform assigns points to the players. An example is transfer rumour mentions.

The players who get the highest points and the maximum mentions at midnight every day are considered to be winners of the media buzz dividend for the day. Those who have shares in those players win the dividend.

Media days are when no matches from any competition are to be held. On these days, the top three players to score in the media earn for their shareholders. On matchdays, this is applicable to the first ranking player only.

Football Index also monitors a huge list of news sites. An RSS feed processes the articles about players and gives them scores based on how positive the coverage is. This score assigned to the player creates a daily media ranking.

The top 200 players in terms of pricing are eligible for scoring media rankings on any day. Some of the sites monitored by Football Index include FIFA, ESPN, Daily Star, Telegraph, Football League, Metro, Huffington Post, BBC, Daily Mail, The Times, Guardian, Express and Daily Mirror.

In-Play Dividends

A new technique in Football Index, in-play dividends are meant to earn you dividends from match days. They operate with Match Day Rankings. You can win in-play dividends for the first 30 days of the ownership of your shares.

The time starts as soon as you confirm the purchase of your shares. When the 30 days period is over, you don’t get any in-play dividend unless you choose to sell and purchase the player again.

You should also note that it is possible to purchase shares in footballers who have already scored goals. You can then win dividends. These dividends are applicable on all the matches as the Match Day.

How To Buy Players On Football Index?

Buying players on the Football Index is quite similar to fantasy football. Every player listed on the index gets a unique price. You need to spend the price of the player for a single share to buy the player.

Prices of players are determined by traders. If traders buy a lot of shares in the same player, his price increases. This resembles global stock markets to a great extent.

A player’s price is also influenced by Injuries, Transfer Rumours and News. If a player is rumoured to shift to a Top club, his price is likely to increase. It is advisable to buy the underpriced ones in Football Index.

You may, for instance, want to invest in Heung Min Son if you think he is underpriced. If it is a new player in a team whose shares will get better in the long term, it is worth buying that player.

The Transfer Window lets you win some quick money by staying updated on the newest transfer news. Players who get purchased may be media buzz dividends and it is possible that their prices increase in coming weeks.

So you can use a strategy of entering early and waiting for the player’s price to increase before selling. These things should be considered when buying players to add to your portfolio.

While the best ones are those who earn dividends, there are many other ways to make money here. You can use your knowledge of young talent, you can benefit from it. You can buy a player when he is young and not in the spotlight. There is a lot of opportunity because less people know about him.

How to Sell On Football Index?

You don’t place a bet with a bookmaker like traditional betting here. To sell on the Football Index, you have two ways – Instant Sell and Market Sell. The company charges a commission fee of 2 percent from the total sales in both the cases. This is how the Football Index earns from sales.

The gap between the purchase price and sale price is called the spread. When you adopt Market Sell, you can set a reserve price and place the shares in a queue. It waits for some other trader to purchase from you.

The demand of the player determines how long it takes to sell the share. Selling at the red price is called Instant Sell and it offers you a lower price though it guarantees that the shares are sold instantly.

With an instant sell, the share of the player is sold instantly at the price displayed next to the buy price of the player. When you choose to instant sell, you pay the spread in addition to the commission on the total sale value.

Once you decide that you don’t want a player any longer, you sell him. You might have earned some capital all through the time. Click on the ‘Sell’ button for the player you want to sell. It is a button circled in yellow.

You can either Instant Sell or Market Sell and sell 300 shares per transaction though you can do any number of transactions.

Football Index is very UNIQUE way to earn money from your football knowledge. If football is what you like read more here about what are Football Index Dividends.