Football Corner Betting Strategy – Unique Tips

This football corner betting strategy with unique advices will show you maybe a new way to make some profits even when your favourite team lose. One of the most niche types of bets in football are corner bets and they aren’t even taken into consideration by many of the folks who are getting into football betting.

The reason for this is the supposed luck-based outcomes of corner kicks, and while it is true to some extent that corner kicks do depend on a little bit of luck, there is also a lot of skill and practice that goes into taking them.

After all, why would a coach even consider letting a player take a corner kick if he wasn’t sure about his abilities? There is also a ton of research and time that goes into succeeding in making these kinds of bets, however, which is why most bettors avoid this type of bet. But what they also miss out on are the huge profits that are to be made from this type of bet.

In this article, we’ll be explaining the ins and outs of corner bets, starting from what they are, the best bookies for corner bets, different types of bets, and what research must go into placing corner bets, along with a powerful football corner betting strategy.

Football Corner Betting Strategy

Getting Started With Football Corner Betting

There are various kinds of corner bets that one can make. Over the years, the number of markets where these bets are available have grown extensively and corner betting is becoming more and more mainstream. Here are a few different types of corner bets,

  • Over/Under/Exact – This kind of bet predicts the number of corner kicks that will be taken in a particular match. Now, you can choose to bet on the exact number of corners taken or bet on whether the corner kicks will be over or under a certain number.

  • For example, if the line is set at 5.5 corners for the game, and you bet Over, then the total number of corners must be 6 or more in order for you to win the bet, and vice versa.

  • Team Bet – This kind of bet predicts which team will receive more corner kicks by the end of the game.

  • It doesn’t rely on specific numbers, so, for example, in a match between Chelsea FC and Manchester United, you don’t need to pick a specific number of corners that your team will be awarded. All you need to bet on is which team gets more corners by the end of the game.

  • First & Second Half Bets – When making this kind of bet, you need to pick which half of the game will have a greater number of corner kicks. You can also make an Over/Under bet on how many corners will be awarded in a particular half.

  • Corner Handicap Bets – These bets look at the corner difference between teams. In a match between Man City and Arsenal, if you believe Arsenal will have 5 more corner kicks than Man City, you can make a bet such as ‘Arsenal -4 corners’. This would mean that Arsenal needs to get 4 more corners than Man City in order for you to win this bet.

  • Time-Based Bets – You can also make bets on when particular corners will be won. So, for example, you can place a bet that says that the first corner will be awarded within the first 5 minutes of the match, or that the last corner will be awarded in the 80th minute of the match.

  • Corner Race Bets – A bet such as this is placed when you believe Team A will score a certain number of corners before Team B.

Football Corner Predictions – How They Work?

Corner Predictions work on the basis of various statistics and observations. Some of these are.

  • Player Stats & Tendencies – This one is obvious. In order for you to place corner bets, you will need to know the team you’re betting on in and out.

  • Which players on the team are the best corner scorers? Is the keeper more likely to catch the ball or punch it away? What is the opposite team’s offence like? Are they more likely to attack? Are the defenders on your team able enough to win body challenges or are they more likely to kick the ball away as soon as they find the chance?

  • Weather – This is an underrated piece of information that expert bettors heavily rely on. What kind of terrain and weather is the match taking place under? Is it raining or snowing? If so, the ball is more likely to slip from the players’ feet and cause more corners.

  • Injuries – Injuries play a key role in corner bets. A change in the starting goalkeeper or the star defender can change the entire outcome of the game with respect to corners.

  • Shot Tendency – This, as mentioned before is an important factor to consider. Is the opposition team more likely to play defense once they’ve reached a comfortable score or are, they more likely to keep attacking until the end?

  • If the team’s attack is more likely to take longer shots, then that could cause more corners as opposed to teams that approach the game with the tiki-taka style.

  • Team Corner Statistics – Lastly, it is a no-brainer that you must look at a team’s overall corner statistics before placing a bet.

  • If they have consistently received a good number of corners, then it is likely that this form will continue in the next few games as well.

How To Bet On Corners?

Corner Bets can be made on various betting websites but not all bookies offer corner betting as an option.

Not all bookies offer the same odds either, so you should do your own research before beginning your betting career with a particular bookie.

Betting websites such as 1xbet and Bet365 are great places to start. 1xbet runs free bet offers from time to time.

Bet365 is widely regarded to have the best odds in the football betting markets and they offer the option to place corner bets too.

Football Corner Betting Strategy UNIQUE Tips


Teams that have good statistics for corners are of course high probable to have more games with a lot of corners.

Smart thing to do besides having all of teams statistics is to take a look at their formation. Not many bettors do this, but it can be very helpful especially for corner bets!

Before placing a bet on corners. Take a look on team formations. Are they playing with more attacking oriented formation like Liverpool? Or are they more “possesion” type of team that don’t risk too much?

If you have 2 teams with good corner statistics + with attacking formations then this is very high probable game for corners.

Game Importance

For even better chance, take a look if teams NEED to win the game. For example: you have a second leg Cup game. Team A lost 2:0 to Team B.

Team A NEED to score at least 2 goals or they are eliminated.

This is another good aproach since you already know that Team A need to score at least 2 goals so they NEED to attack.

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