Easiest Sports Bets To Win – Smart Tactics

What are easiest sports bets To win? In This article you will discover 9 tips for easiest bets to win.

The global gambling market is estimated to be a whopping $500 billion a year. There has been an improved proliferation in the number of participants who bet in some or the other sports.

Sports betting, unlike other betting games like roulette or poker does not heavily depend on luck or chance.

It is a golden arena for people who use tried-and-tested strategies. No matter how notorious sports betting is considered to be, if regulated in the right direction, it can fetch you some significant profits.

No wonder more and more people are betting their money on sports. How are they doing this? Is there a proven mantra? We are all set to reveal.

If you are a die-hard sports fan and want to make money out of it, here is a list of easiest sports bets To win.

Easiest Sports Bets To Win

Easiest Sport To Predict – Which Sport Is Considered Easiest For Bettors To Win At?


Football is one of the most popular sports having billions of crazy fans all over the world. It is especially very popular in the UK.

There are many fixtures that happen every week, considering there are many football leagues that keep happening throughout the year.

But it is low scoring in nature and difficult to predict, however, once you research and use football betting tips right, you can start seeing some profits.

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The easiest chances of winning a boxing bet could be predicting who is going to win among the two fighters or whether the match is going to draw. But apart from this, round betting’s have also become a trend in boxing.

Again, like every sport, you need to be well-versed with the game and the techniques before you put your money on it.

Horse Racing

While horse racing isn’t as popular as football, horse racing and betting go hand in hand in the UK with events hosted throughout the year. For a layman with untrained eyes, horse racing can be incredibly difficult to predict.

All the horses may seem like they have an equal chance of winning. As you get more experienced, you’ll be able to pin point on particular horses. To get there, you can initially take help of racing tipsters.

These are traders who regularly give updates on which horses to select for your bets. Thanks to the internet, there are many tipsters who operate through online websites.


Tennis might not be as popular as football, but it is also quite a famous sport in the world of betting. However, it is dominated by the same set of players.

The bookmakers purposely keep odds low due to the predictability of the results. Hence, you need to wager big money as there are few current punters who have an incredibly high chance of winning big.


After football, cricket is the second popular sport that has billions of fans all around the world. Cricket tournaments happen all over the year and bettors have many chances to earn large amounts of profits. Similar to football, cricket has some favourite teams that come to the top whenever they play.

A general advice to win money in sports betting is to look for betting markets where odds are extremely low. Although this will also lower your winning amount, at least you will have a better chance of winning these bets.

For low odds betting, it is always better to add 2-3 matches on your ticket to get higher odds with high chances of success.

Easiest Football Bets to Win

You must have noticed by now that football is not only the most popular sport but it also is the sport that most bettors have their eyes on.

However, if one is not careful and well-informed about this sport, they might end up losing a lot of money.

Double Chance

This type of bet gives you an opportunity to predict two or three possibilities of a match – Home or Draw, Draw or Away and Home or Away are some of the Double Chances that have the least odds and gamblers are more likely to earn a lot from.


This is also one of the easiest bets to win in football. In this bet you are expected to predict which match will have a high score and which would have a low score.

First Half Over/Under

Taking cue from the name itself, this bet allows you to speculate how high or how low would the score be in the first or second half of the match. This is a slight variation from the Over/under type of bet.

Draw No Bet

This bet lets you insulate yourself from the draw, making you not lose any money if the match draws. This is one of the most secure types of bets.

Tricks To Beat The Bookie

Do Your Homework Properly

Know your chosen sport better than anybody else. Which football team won the last 4 matches does not mean you have enough knowledge to bet high.

Knowing how that team played defensively, were they simply lucky or were they good at keeping their possessions, is what we mean by doing your homework well.

Other than that, minor details like which tennis player had a spat with the coach will inform you about spotting good-value markets.

Do Not Settle With Just One Bookmaker – Look Around

Since the betting world is so competitive, brand loyalty is a huge thing here. Companies try and lure traders to make their first bet with them and stick with them through loyalty programs and special offers.

Do not fall for the trap. Use www.oddschecker.com to check which bookmaker is giving the best odds price.

Look Forward To Bookie Promotions

No one can certainly say which is that one moment you should place your bets but it is usually best to do it on the same day.

Bookies usually increase their prices ahead of a popular event. Some bookies may even run promotional offers for the entire day while some may run them for a set period of time.

Their offers may come in the form of money back as a free bet or a booker may shoot the price of a player to goal from EVS to 6/5 between 12pm-3pm, for example.

If you are not sure what bookmaker is the right for your read our bookmaker reviews HERE

Easiest Sports Bets To Win Final Words

Nothing is sure in the world of sports betting. That is why you need to always pick the highest probable bets you can. Thankfully, today you can find a lot of website that will help you with your decisions.

You can checkout teams form, news, lineups etc. This all can lead to a better decisions and higher chances for you to win. Think about what type of sport you like the most and start betting only on it.

The more you know the teams the better will be your predictions, and it will be easier for you to predict a game, when you know what is going on rather than choosing a sports you don’t know anything about and try to pick a winner.