Betting Systems For College Basketball – Guide

There are numerous betting systems for college basketball, all of which claim to help budding punters gain an edge, and given the number of players and information overload, this can be quite overwhelming.

With the increasing amount of games that are conducted all year round and the rising competition between the bettors themselves, it becomes a little difficult to predict who is going with heavy pockets and who is going to burn them.

College basketball markets have been a favourite betting place for gamblers alongside football and soccer. With almost 350 NCAA Division Team 1 for almost 30 conferences, the betting game on college basketball has become fiercely challenging. However, “the more bettors, the better” is a wordplay that would never grow old.

Thanks to some of the betting strategies, you are in for an exciting betting game.

Betting Systems For College Basketball

College Basketball Betting Strategy

As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of betting systems for college basketball, and not all of them are created equal, most of them work for certain teams, or special events, when the underlying strategy can give you an upperhand, but delving right into these strategies without a proper understanding is a sure way to lose your bankroll.

We’ve tried to provide a brief overview on each of these popular systems, you can select the one you’re most comfortable with, and then research on them further before putting them to work.

Put Your Money On The Underdogs

Similar to most betting systems, bettos place bets on their favourites. This leads to an off-balance in the market in the favour of the underdogs. At times underdogs even get high handicaps due to this distortion.

Betting on a losing team is a highly popular basketball betting strategy. As many teams have a history changing the game in their favour in the second half of the game.

Only a couple of minutes of focused play and coach’s instructions in the break time empowers them to turn the tables. Whenever you are backing a losing team, you will undoubtedly bet on valued odds.

Bet On Over Points Total

This basketball strategy involves using the fourth quarter total points. Here’s how, most bookies include the points scored during the extra time as a part of the fourth quarter.

Therefore, if you come across a match that looks like a sureshot draw without major point difference between both the teams, you may want to bet on over points total. In this case, you will win in both situations, thanks to the free throws in the last few minutes.

Moneyline Bets

In moneyline bets, you pick which team will win the game outrightly. NCAA Basketball moneyline bets have the lowest betting limits and could be tougher to track than other bets.

However, their odds are not estimated accurately by the sport bookies, which means you can take this as your opportunity and strike it when it’s hot. The perks of moneyline is that they offer more significant returns than the others.

Bet On Total Points

The total number of points scored by teams in basketball varies depending on tournament and league. For example, a NBA league will have total points ranging from 180 to 220 while the European or college basketball tournaments can have a total variances between 120 to 160 points.

Here’s how you can succeed betting on basketball with total points. First step is to disregard average points as they can give you a distorted picture of the team’s performance.

For example, the Los Angeles Lakers may have an average of 190 points based on their last five games. However, they may have scored 240 in one of those 5 games. This type of score changes the whole dynamic of average points.

Therefore, instead of relying on averages, a much smarter strategy is to look for how many times the team has gone over or under the given total points.

For instance, if the total points on board for Celtics is 190, figure out the number of times they have gone below 190 or above 190 points. Now you can bet on 190 total points if you notice a strong trend going under or over 190.

Betting Systems For College Basketball

How To Create A College Basketball Betting Model?

The college basketball season takes you on a wild ride. Every year a handful of bettors turn wealthy while the rest spiral downwards as they get caught up in storylines and follow their intuitions.

While understanding the variables and momentum of the game pays off, you won’t go too far without analysing data.

Gather Statistical & Analytical Information

Statistical data which could be traced back to a few years can help punters understand the hows and whys of betting. You can checkout this data website

Make Your Model

After you have collected statistical and analytical data history of the previous bets over the years, you would need to put them together in an excel sheet where you could keep a record of it.

All you have to do is make your own lines and gather numbers with the information you have. To understand more about this, you could take reference from basketball betting models that are available on YouTube.

College Basketball Handicapping Systems

Let’s face it, handicapping college basketball is a complex affair. From regular seasons to NCAA tournaments, there are literally hundreds of teams to keep an eye on.

Relevant and complete information is all that college basketball betting is about. You could use it in your interest and fill your pockets with money and experience. One must realise that a little lack of information or misinformation could take a toll on your back balance.

For winning college basketball bets, notice the odds and bring them to your advantage. You could also look into how home courts could benefit your bets and how you could improvise your plans accordingly.

There are also websites online where you can look up team rankings and predict how your bets could turn out to be. You can research prediction trackers and use them if they benefit you. Prediction trackers would not work for everyone so it is always better not to rely on a particular source of information completely.

College Basketball Live Betting Strategy

College hoops may look like a small sport but they have the highest numbers of live bettings every year. Although live bettings are a newly formed sport, they have gained the attraction of many punters.

To be successful, you would need to look up online sites that give relevant information about Live College Basketball bettings. Along with that, you will have suitable markets that offer what you require.

However College Hoops is very unpredictable and maybe live bettings would not bring back money to some of the punters. It is always wise to have informations about the match before you place any bet!

For example you know the team A is in great form but team B is winning. Then is worth to bet on team A to win. Good thing about live betting is that odds are changing every second.

Let’s say before the match the odd for team A to win was 1.70. If you wait for live game then if team B score first point or two, the odd for team A can go to 2+ and then you can place a bet on team A.

As with other sports, it is always better to be prepared rather than blindly placing your bets.

Betting Systems For College Basketball Final Words

A system for college basketball can be as simple as betting only on teams that are in better form with higher odd. There are a lot of systems you can create. All you need is past data to verify your system can bring the profits.

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